Bemisia: Bionomics and Management of a Global Pest by Philip A. Stansly,Steven E. Naranjo

By Philip A. Stansly,Steven E. Naranjo

Bemisia tabaci (Gennedius) has special itself from the greater than 1,000 whitefly species on this planet by means of its adaptability, endurance and power to wreck a variety of agricultural and horticultural plants in all six of the world’s inhabited continents. B. tabaci inflicts plant harm via direct feeding, inducement of plant problems, vectoring of plant viruses and excretion of honeydew. This publication collates a number of features of the pest starting from easy to utilized technology and molecular to panorama degrees of research. specialists in a number of disciplines offer huge, yet unique summaries and dialogue of taxonomy, genetics, anatomy, morphology, body structure, habit, ecology, symbiotic relationships, virus vector institutions and diverse strategies for built-in administration of this pest insect. The publication is concentrated totally on development over the last 10-15 years and is directed at employees within the box in addition to the proficient specialist who would possibly not inevitably concentrate on whitefly learn. The booklet is exclusive in offering extensive assurance in rather few chapters by way of famous specialists that spotlight the state of the art in our knowing of this attention-grabbing yet challenging cosmopolitan pest.

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